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After their successful debut, Digiturk is a popular video streaming website, known for .Donate Partners January 15, 2010 (JPost) – Israel made a last-minute trip to the United Nations to salvage the long-discussed US-led nuclear weapons summit next week amid growing criticism of the plan, and returned to the world body with a letter full of promises, most of which were not kept. The Israeli delegation, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, arrived in New York on Friday afternoon, a few hours before the first scheduled meeting of the UN General Assembly. According to the Associated Press, however, Israel was expected to make some attempts to stop the framework agreement from being adopted, and to “de-legitimise” the US-led process. In an interview with the Jewish Daily Forward published earlier this week, Netanyahu said “Israel will do everything in its power to prevent an accord from being signed,” apparently referring to a promise made by President Barack Obama to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer in a White House meeting last week. But Israeli officials were quoted by the Forward that, “It is very unlikely that Israel will be able to block the deal before the General Assembly vote,” and called the General Assembly “the main forum” for the nuclear negotiations. Netanyahu had also promised to meet with both Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and South African president Jacob Zuma on the sidelines of the UN summit. In a statement after their talks in New York, the prime minister’s office said that Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad “exchanged views on the importance of establishing an Iranian nuclear-free zone in the Middle East, with Israel, the US and the international community.” There was no mention of the South African president in the statement. Netanyahu also met with the speaker of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, where he announced that he would push the government to press ahead with its controversial nuclear power programme. Netanyahu said the political decision would come “later this month” or even by the end of January. The Israeli leader said that he was not happy with the Netanyahu government’s decision to press ahead with the Israeli nuclear power programme, “but I am not permitted to directly comment on it,” he added. The prime minister said he hoped a revised plan would

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